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March 22, 2021


Global Trade Alliance of America: global international trade and financial leaders is launching in April 2021 a new economic trade corporation for import and export in Washington D.C. & New York City to tackle international trade barriers and help businesses grow.

Washington, D.C., April 2021 - PRESS RELEASE
International trade leaders from around the world will convene in New York City (April 2021) to mark the official launch of the Global Trade Alliance of America, Inc.

The gathering of five international trade partners that make up the alliance marks the official launch of an all-new international trade platform — the first of its kind — that will help businesses bolster global trade.

The new trade corporation economy platform will help identify businesses that are looking to trade goods internationally and will provide insight on regulations and trade tariffs for the relevant countries. It will provide customers and members with market information on more than 28 countries including currency analysis, market trends and shipping requirements, serving as a conduit for trusted buyers and suppliers to connect with counterparts in markets around the world. 

The initiative was created under the auspices of Wall Street — the financial and investment community, which includes international trade & stock exchanges in 2020, to connect businesses in Europe with Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Latin America. Following its success, the program was rolled out worldwide and saw the formation of the Global Trade Alliance of America. The global trade partnership that makes up the alliance covers some of the world’s most established and fast-growing markets, such as Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. By 2022, more than 90% of global trade corridors will be covered by the trade economy platform, helping more than a million companies worldwide. 

Pete K. Kristofferson, President/CEO/Founder, said: “Only by coming together can we create tangible and sustained growth overseas for all our clients. Through Global Trade Alliance of America combination of human connection and tech innovation, our clients can access a world of new opportunities. They can forge genuinely trusted relationships in new markets and have the latest trade tools and expertise at their fingertips. This is just the beginning of a deeper and better alliance to support our customers.”

Ms. Emiliya Beleva, Business Partner & Global Trade Alliance Advisory Group, commented: “The launch of the Global Trade Alliance marks the start of a relationship for businesses with their economic development opportunities that is more than simply as a finance provider – but as a strategic business partner who guides them through the labyrinth of international trade. This transformative trade platform will strengthen existing ties and revolutionize the way businesses seek opportunities in new markets.”

Key benefits of the Global Trade Alliance international trade platform:

  • State-of-the-art technologies: uses machine learning and cloud-based services with the best of breed social networking capabilities, comprehensive content, and corporate advisory;
  • Efficiency: helps accelerate the exchange of goods and services by uncovering ideal trade partnership opportunities and then simplifies the international trade transaction process;
  • Local support: Global Trade Alliance of America dedicated “Experts & Community managers” teams are available to offer advice at all stages of exporting and importing activity and import and export trade financing alternatives;
  • Market analysis: over 25,000 market reports from 37 countries;
  • Commercial partners: 2,000 directories from 150 countries, 40,000 commercial fairs, 1,000,000 international tenders;
  • Manage shipments: databases for over 67 countries;

Clients & Members of the Global Trade Alliance of America will be assigned a Business Card, where they can provide details of their business proposition, industry and overarching goals.


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