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The Global Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is a virtual digital media and global marketing internship program.
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The Global Trade Alliance Of America - Virtual Internship Program

The Global Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is a virtual digital media and global marketing internship program. Led by an industry-certified digital marketing expert, students perform project-based internships in support of e-commerce companies looking to expand their digital presence into overseas and/or domestic markets. 

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VIP Application

Number of Employees
Type of Business (Select One)
Industry Sector Classification
Does your business have a minimum of US $250,000 in annual ecommerce sales?
Can your business designate a contact to participate in bi-weekly virtual meetings with a VIP project team?
Will your schedule permit working with a virtual intern for up to two hours per week?
Do you currently use Google Analytics or another clickstream analysis tool to measure visitor behavior?
Is your business active on social media? If so, which platforms do you use to increase brand awareness and reach new customers?
Do you advertise on the following websites? (check all that apply)
Would you be open to participating in a one-day hands-on digital marketing workshop?