Global Trade Alliance of America
At Global Trade Alliance of America, we advise companies and organizations on matters of international trade and investment, diplomacy, and politics.

Global Trade Alliance of America



We help international firms export, invest, and grow overseas with confidence.
At Global Trade Alliance of America, we advise companies and organizations on matters of international trade and investment, diplomacy, and politics.


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Our principals have worked at the highest levels of government advising Republican and Democratic Presidents on trade and investment, politics, and commercial diplomacy. We have negotiated landmark multilateral trade agreements (NAFTA), helped launch linchpin global trade institutions (WTO), and successfully mobilized global alliances (first Persian Gulf coalition). Our principals have especially broad and deep experience across Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East in a wide range of sectors.  And we have first-hand expertise and insight on key emerging markets in today's headlines such as China, Mexico, Russia, Bulgaria, India, Brazil and Columbia, as well as mature ones like Canada and the United Kingdom.  Our unique perspective allows us to contextualize and solve global problems practically and effectively.

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We have worked with generations of leaders in the U.S. and foreign governments and in global business.  We maintain official government contacts to this day ranging from the highest level decision-makers to mid-and working-level implementers. 

Our C-suite and government affairs connections, board memberships, and current and previous leadership roles in leading industry associations, think tanks, and NGOs reinforce our ability to advance business priorities.  We have staked our reputation on a no-nonsense approach to tackling issues and delivering results.

Business Know-How

Business Know-How

Global Trade Alliance of America, Inc. (GTAA) is a service-oriented import/export trading company providing domestic and international companies the opportunity to import and export products to new existing markets.

With a philosophy rooted in extensive market knowledge and personal relationships, the objectives of all the business entities involved are always carefully evaluated in order to execute flawless and profitable transitions. Through comprehensive business relationships worldwide, varying from shipping logistics to U.S. government-backed trade finance, GTAA has developed unparalleled networking capabilities for profitable international business. These established associations are invaluable assets for the promotion of trade and international business.

Global Trade Alliance of America

Established in 2021 and based in Washington, D.C. and New York City, NY, (GTAA) operates as an intermediary between East, Midwest and West coast clients and their international counter to better satisfy the needs and interests of both. With an international staff composed of professionals with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, GTAA can minimize the impact of cultural differences while maximizing trade potential for all parties involved.


GTAA has the capabilities and knowledge to handle a variety of often potentially risky transitions, in the international trade environment. With such an interest and demand of American and overseas goods and products, GTAA knowledge of the cultures and business practices, combined with excellent connections, market research, and a developed image, will provide your business with rewarding opportunities.


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