Focus in Tokyo

Focus in Tokyo - Sharpen the outline of Tokyo!

July 1, 2021

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Global Trade Alliance of America will be organizing a series of online events called “Focus in Tokyo” to sharpen the outline of Tokyo!

Sharpen the outline of Tokyo!

"FOCUS in TOKYO" is a series of events by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) to introduce the market and support services for companies around the globe to expand their business in Tokyo.

★1st Session : FinTech – July 14, 2021, at 18:00 U.S. Eastern Time

2nd Session : Asset Management - End of July 

 3rd Session : Tech – Industries 4.0 – Autumn 

 4th Session : Startup Ecosystem in Tokyo – Winter

(Other event details of the date will be announced soon!)

Focus in Tokyo

In this 1st session for FinTech companies, collaborating with the Plug and Play, a world’s leading investor, accelerator, and corporate innovation platform, Tokyo Metropolitan Government introduces the fintech market and support services for FinTech Companies in globe to expand to Tokyo. The "Access to Tokyo (A2T)", a touchpoint for overseas companies to Tokyo, will highlight "Tokyo Financial Award (TFA)". TFA is an award provided by the TMG for FinTech companies who provide a solution to solve the financial issues in Tokyo. The prize for 1st place will be 10 million Yen!


■ Agenda of the 1st Session for FinTech companies (1H)

1. Greeting Remarks by Plug and Play USA 

2. Greeting by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government  

3. Fintech market information in Tokyo/Japan by Plug and Play Japan 

4. Support services for Fintech companies by the TMG A2T team 

5. Success Story Startups that has expanded to Tokyo by Symphony

6. QA Session & closing 


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